Coffee enemas are a great way to detox the liver. By using the portal vein to transfer the chemical components of the coffee to the liver which encourages detoxification.


They are administered through a disposable speculum and gravity takes the organic ground coffee into the rectum and you hold onto it for 10-15 minutes before releasing it into the toilet. This process is then repeated.


Clients often feel energised and alert after a coffee enema and they can compliment the colonics and the treatment significantly.


Other enemas we offer are:




Coffee Enema

Aloe vera Enema

Aloe vera has long been recognised for its healing, anti inflammatory and detoxing properties. It has also been shown to enhance the immune system These can be beneficial for anyone suffering from Inflammatory bowel conditions.



Flax seed Enema

Flax oil contains essential fatty acids, lignans and phospholipids. They have been found to help promote hormone balance. It also has a soothing effect on the skin and taken via an enema often leaves the client with a sense of calm and peace.



Coffee Enema                          £70


Aloe vera/Flaxseed Enema    £80