Colonic Hydrotherapy (colon hydrotherapy) is amongst some of the oldest recorded procedures, dating back 4000 years ago to the Egyptian's.


Why is Colon hydrotherapy useful?



  • It cleanses, exercises and tones the colon, helping to re-educate the colon in the process of peristaltic movement.

  • Helps balance the bacteria, helps utilise vitamin B and the production of vitamin K. 

  • Improves bowel transit time.

  • Removes toxins.

  • Re-hydrates the bowel.

  • It can increase the absorption of nutrients through bowel wall.

  • Decreases congestion of other eliminatory organs.

  • Increases energy.

  • Help to soften and remove mucosal plaque.

  • Improves lymph movement.

  • Improves liver function.

  • Can empty pockets of trapped faeces in the colon.

  • A great way to start any weight loss or detox plan.



Colon health is of paramount importance. A toxic, over-burdened colon can have many negative effects on other aspects of your health. Often, conditions that you would not associate with the colon can be greatly improved by ensuring that it is clean and therefore able to function optimally.


Symptoms and signs that your colon is not functioning as well as it should be are:-


  • Diarrhoea

  • Constipation

  • Excessive gas

  • Candida

  • IBS

  • Psoriasis

  • Eczema

  • Acne

  • Bad breath

  • Weight gain

  • Bloating

  • Parasite infection

  • Low mood/anxiety/depression

  • Lethargy


What to expect


Often referred to as colonic irrigation, colon hydrotherapy is a gentle, effective treatment whereby warm, filtered water is introduced into the colon through a disposable plastic speculum. The speculum is inserted into the rectum to ensure the anal sphincter will stay open allowing the water to enter the colon. This is a simple, painless procedure with the speculum well-lubricated and only inserted a few inches.


We use a gravity-fed system that relies on natural force to take the filtered water into the colon and enables the therapist to control the temperature and amount of water used throughout the treatment. This in turn ensures a more gentle and controlled treatment very much tailored to the individual's needs.




Colonic Hydrotherapy



Also called the large intestine or bowel, the colon is often an over-looked organ and even a cause for embarrassment. for some. Thankfully, times are changing and the benefits of a healthy colon are becoming more well-known and excepted.


The colon is roughly 5 meters long and is situated in the mid and lower region of your abdomen.


The colon's main roles are for the absorbtion of water and nutrients and the storing and elimination of waste.



Colonic Hydrotherapy at Colchester Clinic

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