Vitamin C Food State Supplement (60 capsules)

Vitamin C Food State Supplement (60 capsules)

•Food State Vitamin C is beneficially combined in citrus pulp from whole, organic, small oranges
•Food State Vitamin C is better absorbed, longer retained and better utilised than standard ascorbic acid products (which are rapidly excreted)
•Food State Vitamin C is a concentrated source of Vitamin C, in a source as close as possible to that found in food
•Food State Vitamin C comprises all the appropriate bioflavonoids - including the sought after tangertin (one flavonoid that has been found to cross the blood-brain barrier)
•Importantly Food State Vitamin C is a ‘food complex material’ and you can take it between meals and on an empty stomach
•Hence it is ideal for irregular eaters and athletes who need regular intake of vitamins to replace losses after physical exertion
•Food State Vitamin C Lasts longer in the body (over 48 hours)
•Suitable for Men, Women, Children and the Elderly
•Yeast free and suitable for vegetarians, vegans and for people with Candida and Yeast sensitivities
•Free from Genetically Modified Substances

Vitamin C is involved in the:
•Protection of DNA, proteins & lipids from oxidative damage
•Normal collagen formation
•Non-haem iron absorption
•Normal function of the nervous system
•Normal function of the immune system
•Nomal energy yielding metabolism
•Normal collagen formation
•Protection of DNA, proteins & lipids from oxidative damage
•Maintenance of normal function of the immune system during and after extreme physical activity

Who may choose to take Vitamin C supplements?
•People whose diets contain little fresh fruit and vegetables
•The elderly and those dependent on institutional catering
•Smokers and those who drink alcohol
•Those with demanding lifestyles
•Those wishing to maintain normal cholesterol levels
•Athletes and those whose work involves physical activity
•People who take aspirin, particularly those on long-term prescription medication

Bioflavonoids & Food State Vit
  • Details

    Nutrient Per tablet %RDA

    Vitamin C 250 mg 312

    Bioflavonoids 80mg *

    RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance
    * = no RDA

    Ingredients: Vitamin C complexed in citrus pulp, vegetable stearic acid, tablet coating (Vegetable Cellulose).